Tandem Paratriking Flights

Tandem flights in paratrike are made all year, always subject to the weather conditions.

The official take-off field is located in the village of Legarda, 10 minutes from Pamplona, but we have other options available to fly in Navarra. These options are: Los Arcos, Sanguesas, Alfaro, Lumbier, etc. The end of the flight will be at the same place of take-off. The passenger can extend the flight time, previously agreed with us.

Groups will be accepted, always arranged in advance. Depending on the amount of the group, the rate will be adjusted.

For tandem flights you can book by phone, whatsapp or via e-mail, to choose date and place.

Transportation to the flight area will be by the passenger.

Underage passengers must have the authorization of their parents or guardians.

It is advisable to wear warm clothing, even in the summer because the wind makes the thermal sensation cooler.

We have the option to record the flight with HD quality or Full HD, if desired by the passenger. The price will be quite affordable. The passenger will be asked to cooperate for the recording. We’ll edit the video.

Make an appointment, you will not regret it!