Do you dream of flying? If you want, you can

Paragliding, paramotoring, tandem in both.

why stay on ground if you always have wanted to fly?



It’s An aircraft built with special materials that support great efforts that provide sufficient security so we can fly in thermal streams or simply taking advantage of ridge lift.



It is the simplest and lightest propelled aircraft we can fly.

It is a paraglider with a simple motor, placed on the back, that does not depend on a slope and a certain height to fly. We can fly from nearby terrain without the need for large fields to take off and land.

Tandem (paragliding or paramotoring)

You don’t need to know to pilot to enjoy a flight, you will fly with a certified pilot and enjoy from the air those areas that we know from the ground, or just experience the sensation of flying freely.

  • Vuelo en parapente
    Paragliding is a sport that brings us closer to nature, an ideal way to disconnect from the stress of modern life.
  • paramotor
    Paramotoring gives us the freedom that other flight sports do not have. We can take off and land almost anywhere.
  • Paramotor
    If you want to try the sensation of flying, you can fly in paratrike, the most comfortable way to fly.

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