Paramotor trips for groups

We organise and design trips for groups with flying assistance, with instructors and professional pilots with more than 30 years of experience in fun flying, cross country flying and instruction.

We have been paramotoring over the routes we suggest, for more than 10 years.

Preferably the routes will be along the cost of Portugal if weather forecast is suitable for the settled date. The alternatives to the Portugal route will be routes (to decide) over the countryside in Spain.

The daily points to underline in the trips will be the following:

First day of the group
Preliminary briefing before starting the expedition: One analysis of the week will be done, informing about the weather forecast, fly choices and the planning of the week.
Every day
Breafing. Planning the flight ahead and analysing the forecast for the zone in order to optimize the fly day.
Setting-up the engines or repairing in case of breakdown.
Ground assistance with vehicles and drivers connected with the pilots while flying (retrieve in case of engine stop, security stop, etc.)
At the end of the fly day
Transfer to the accommodation and dinner in the hotel or nearby restaurant.
During the dinner
The flight will be discussed and the different points of view about the journey. Analyse the things to improve.

General conditions for groups

  • Dates: between 09/09/2017 and 09/30/2017
  • Number of pilots per group: minimum 5.
  • Duration of the trip: 7 days. With the possibility of extending to 14 days agreed with the group.
  • he registration order will be respected with payment of the deposit (30%).
  • Price per pilot 2,500 € / week.
  • Pilots must be qualified with the corresponding titles (mandatory).
  • Insurance of the drivers in force (mandatory).
  • The flight material will be supervised by the organizers.
  • Mandatory communication and GPS equipment.
  • IT IS INCLUDED: pick up of pilots in Pamplona, ​​if they come in their vehicles, or at the airport (Madrid or NO sector of Spain), transport and pick up of pilots and material, preparation of routes and flight monitoring, fuel for flight, accommodation, breakfast, dinner and fast food in route.
  • NOT INCLUDED: breakage of material, damage caused by the pilot and responsibilities derived from the negligence of the pilot (fly higher than discussed in breafing, overfly concentratio of people, …).
  • It is possible to rent equipment of flight by the organization, with option to buy: paramotor and parapente
    • Moster Team with PAP chassis
      5200 € PVP
      Week 700 €
    • Security deposit 800 €.
      If you finally buy it will be deducted from the PVP
    • NIVIUK or SWING sail
      2700 € PVP
      Week 350 €
    • Security deposit 400 €. If you finally buy it will be deducted from the PVP

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